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Minty Films is Jodie Chillery. In London & Bedfordshire. To discuss ideas, projects and proposals, email Jodie here, call on 07812 335801 or fill in the form below.


Credits, Testimonials & Links

Richard Stephenson CEO YUDU Media,

We decided to tell the story of the Great Fire of Kingsway that occurred in April 2015. Our client was the Queen’s Lawyers, Farrer & Co. The IT director was willing to share the lessons he learnt and support our company in signing new clients.
Not very enamoured with the rather predictable corporate video format, we decided to commission a documentary filmmaker Jodie Chillery to tell the story. The experience was stress free with Jodie taking charge of the storyboarding, planning, location and dealing with the two main characters, quickly gaining their confidence and getting all the rights and access we needed to make the film. The process was fast and Jodie provided clear headed direction on location and showed her skills in the edit in weaving a great story together. The result has been universally praised and will help YUDU raise awareness for our Crisis Management Solution. Jodie brought great energy, keen understanding and efficiency to the process and we look forward to working with her on the next project.”

Collaborations on selected credits with Media TrustChris Gravett, Joe de KadtAlison Rooper , Sally Abbott & Jane Waterhouse.


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