Vote for Minty Films Kidasha films

Minty Films is very excited to announce that today, international development charity, Kidasha has launched the first two of a series of short films I produced for them about their work supporting children living in entrenched poverty in Nepal
The first film, called “Street Life” follows the stories of three young boys each at a different stage in their journey to get off of the streets. I still find myself worrying about, and missing these boys now 🙂 
The second, entitled “Escaping Abuse“, documents Kidasha’s work with a project that supports girls escaping sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. You may find it a hard watch, but I was privileged and humbled to interview these girls so it would be great if you’d take a look. 
But most excitingly these two films have been entered into a national competition judged by the BFI & BAFTA (among others). However, to make it on the shortlist I need your help by voting for them – it is of course a simple and quick process – It would mean a great deal to me if you could vote, not just so my films get some recognition, but so this small organisation that is so different to so many other agencies can get a bit of exposure too. Here are the links vote – for both, please! 
 Street Life:     
The films are the first of a series of five, covering topics from what life is like in an urban Nepali slum to how preschool children in rural communities are doing better at school. These films will be released by Kidasha and also available to view on my Minty Films website  and Minty Films | Facebook page. So please like and share my FB page and if you’re not into social media then instead follow this low key  Minty Films blog and if you’re interested in what it was like filming in Nepal, well that experience can be found here.
The rest of series are available to watch on the showreel page of this website! Wow!!
Vote for Minty Films Kidasha films

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