Lip Dub

Minty Films had a lot of fun yesterday with the team from MotivAction as they sang and danced their way through their lunch hour!

In case you’re not sure what a Lip Dub is, its origins hail from the founder of Vimeo, Jake Lodwick who basically sang a song while doing a selfie video using his mobile phone. He then dubbed the original song over the top and hey presto he’d invented what now appears to be a craze among both American High School leavers and business types at corporate team building events across the UK.

The continuously shot music video stars a group who have learned the lyrics and choreographed a dance.

The options for team building events are wide ranging, there’s opportunity for a dancing and singing in front of the camera team, a directing behind the scenes choreography team and a filming team.

Together with amazingly talented dance and fitness coach Emma Williams, Minty Films provided a Lip Dub taster session yesterday. In half an hour we transformed a reluctant workforce on their lunch break into dancers extraordinaire who really gave Katrina and the Waves a run for their money. Yesterday was scaled back and simple and achieved in a very quick turnaround, but the event could be as big or as small as you liked.

Here’s some stills from their video – the fun is written all over their faces, as they are Walking On Sunshine!

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Lip Dub

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