Why you NEED a film.

Why do you need a film?

I think its fair to say that short film or video content is the essential communication tool. (How often have you heard someone behind the locked door of a public convenience suddenly burst with out with laughter, or come out of the bathroom with some incredible tale of wisdom – yes they’ve been watching a short film on the loo, and I bet its not just the people you live with – I bet you’ve done it too!)
man on loo

To be able to tell a unique, engaging story about your product, your campaign, your company, your charity, your idea or simply about your 40th birthday party is now more relevant
than ever before. Telling a short story through film for promotion or communication has got to be one of the most powerful tools in the modern era of sharing digital content.

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According to some clever stats bods at Cisco, mobile video traffic now accounts for more than half of all mobile data traffic. That means that a lot of people can’t be bothered to read your website, but they can be bothered to watch a 2 min video on your website about you. Ironically then, I guess no one is reading this.

What’s particularly great about a short film is it can massively grow your online presence. Minty Films produced a short promo film for St Peter’s Church (see the showreel page to watch it) and it can now be found all over twitter, Facebook and the church’s own website which up until recently only had a handful of followers.

And in case you’re still not sure why you need some video content on your website or at your event – it absolutely connects you with your customers, potential clients, donors, fans and supporters.  The Food Chain raised over £16000 at their annual fundraising gala dinner, where the film we produced for them premiered. The film showed potential donors what the charity does and where their money goes. The Food Chain put the film on their home page and now people can watch that one while sitting on the loo too!

There is also another growing sector that Minty Films has been privileged enough to become involved with. This penchant for sharing films and connecting with each other via our mobile devices means that for some, it is much easier to share the more intimate moments of life with those living far away. It could be a special family event that those in other countries couldn’t attend or a message that needed a more intimate and immersive media than good old email or smoke signals. It is becoming apparent to me that its not just corporations but individuals who are using professional films as a way to communicate and share personal stories. Minty films has made films of funerals (to show to those that couldn’t attend in person), has recorded parties with special guests (When The Small Fakers turned up to Matt’s 50th) and helped those just starting out, producing films for crowdfunding campaigns and to persuade potential investors in social enterprise – see the CORE osteopathy film on the showreel page.

If I’ve convinced you to share some love via film, then get in touch and we can discuss what to do next. : )

Why you NEED a film.

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