A Church, a van and a new website

Hello and happy new year. Bit late, but it’s been a busy start to the year here at Minty Films. Firstly the original Minty Van has been spotted and snapped back in January. It’s been fitted with some engine improvement parts and sound proofing since it looked after us! Good to see Minty still on the road better than ever.image

Secondly the new website has launched and this blog now sits within that. Take a look around and spend some time on the showreel page. If you run an organisation or have a story to tell and think you could benefit from a short film then get in touch. Building a website is something I’ve found incredibly infuriating and dull, so on to more interesting things – the films.


The Food Chain film was broadcast in February as part of a series called Reel Stories on Community Channel. Elliott Grove, founder of the Raindance film festival gives a short critique of the film in this jolly magazine show about how short films can do so much for charities in terms of raising their profile and promotion. Along with a collection of others it was also screened at The Barbican, at an event put on by the City Bridge Trust. Luke along with Teresa and Zoe were all in attendance.

It was brilliant to see Luke again, he’s almost completed his college course, has been made head Chef at the Food Chain Kitchen and has also been working with The Camden Society in their kitchen supporting people with learning disabilities. So I should take a moment to big up The Food Chain again, their work is essential and remarkable.

Just this week, I’ve filmed at another funeral. The film will enable the family to share the incredibly beautiful goodbye ceremony with close friends and colleagues across the other side of the world that were unable to attend in person. This one was particularly hard, a young man who apparently gave so much to life was taken far too early. As a permaculture enthusiast, aborist and creator of an eco village in New Zealand, he was laid to rest in the most appropriate place, a native forest, with ancient trees and young saplings surrounding him, and red kites soaring above.

Whenever I’ve filmed a funeral I feel so sad to only be learning about the people upon their death. It is however also a privilege, to be asked by the family to observe a most intimate moment in their lives and help to create something that hopefully in a small way, might at some point help to ease some pain, if just for a moment.

I also caught up with Marina (whose husband was the subject of the first funeral film) She told me not only how the film had supported Uwe’s elderly mother through mourning but is also being use by celebrant Claire Turnham to show others the possibilities of a family led funeral.

For me the beginning of the year was spent clambering up to the organ loft and bell tower of St Peter’s Church. A beautiful grade 1 listed building in Bedfordshire built by the Monks of Waltham Abby in the early 12th century. Rev Geoffrey Boult felt that often the most uplifting aspects of church life were overlooked by the congregation, so to help identify what is great about the church and cheer everyone up a bit, he decided to make a film. Today the film has premiered at the church and last night was screened to an invited audience and now Geoffrey is taking it on tour round the diocese as part of his Mission Action Plan. You can see it here.

Filmed, produced and edited by Jodie Chillery for St Peter’s Church

Spring will see me producing a short film for photographer Chris Gravett and Kidasha a charity supporting children in Nepal for an exhibition at the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch April and a connected series of short biography films called “Portrait of a Photographer”. These will be screened at an exhibition entitled Yesterday’s News at Platform Gallery in Southwark in the summer. Look out and check back for more details of the exhibition and news on these forthcoming films.

A Church, a van and a new website

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